Giving Aubry a Hand

Giving Aubry a Hand

Aubry Babcock

An Exclusive Sis Loves Me Aubry Babcock Scene

Aubry has started to get some attention from guys, and she isn’t sure what to do about it. Her stepbrother, Joshua, wants to help Aubry, but he’s also jealous and wants to keep her all to himself. When Aubry explains that guys have been checking her out, Joshua tells Aubry they only want one thing. He has Aubry pull her tits out so he can see what she’s working with. Joshua’s request takes her aback - they’re stepsiblings, and showing Joshua her tits would be fucked up on many levels. Still, the request turns her on a little, and the idea of Joshua desiring her excites Aubry. She gives in to his wishes and lets Joshua play with her body a little. Then, Joshua pulls his cock out so Aubry can give him a handjob. It’s a little awkward initially, and Aubry hesitates to mess around with her stepbrother. Even if they are just stepsiblings, it feels a little fucked up, and she knows if their stepparents find out, they’ll both be in big trouble. Their little fling is cut short when they hear someone come home, but the foundation is set - now, Aubry is all Joshua can think about, and his desire for her is immeasurable. They pick up where they left off when Aubry gets a bunch of letters from random guys. Joshua wants Aubry to suck his cock - if she’s going to go mess around with randoms, she should learn to suck dick in a safe environment with him. Aubry gets to work and starts giving her stepbrother a blowjob. It’s a wild sensation, but she finds herself loving every second of it. Maybe it was partially because what they were doing was so taboo, but Aubry loved sucking her stepbrother’s dick. Joshua cums hard and fills Aubry’s throat with shot after shot of jizz. Later, Aubry plans to go to a party. But Joshua stops her, exclaiming that she can’t go out in such a skimpy dress, and if she’s going out just to fuck, she should stay home and get fucked by him instead. She had hoped he’d say that - being desired by her stepbrother turned Aubry on immensely. The awkwardness of messing around as stepsiblings were starting to melt away, and now, Aubry and Joshua both looked forward to their alone time. Aubry sucks Joshua’s cock and gets herself nice and wet before she lets him take her. Joshua’s cock slides into his stepsister, and he takes her gently at first before fucking her hard. Everything about her is familiar and exotic all at the same time. Aubry’s pussy is easily the best Joshua’s ever had, and he fucks her until he can no longer hold his load. Aubry gets on her knees so Joshua can cum hard in her mouth. She savors every drop he can give her, and Joshua paints Aubry’s mouth and face with his jizz.

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