Independence Day Edging

Independence Day Edging

Riley Reign

An Exclusive Sis Loves Me Riley Reign Scene

Elias is nervous about going to college, a virgin. It’s all he can think about - so much so that he doesn’t care about his birthday, which he typically loves as it’s celebrated on the 4th of July. His stepsis, Riley, sees Elias is upset and wants to make things right. The sweet babe knows about his “virgin” problem and wants to show him a thing or two. She strips down and shows Elias her magnificent tits. He knows he shouldn’t look, but he’s too turned on to look away, and he’s always found his stepsister hot. She teases him, letting him know he won’t get to cum until his birthday. Riley lets Elias play with her pussy, showing him how wet he’s making her. Their fun continues later on, and Riley lets Elias fuck her thick thighs but won’t let him inside of her pussy. She still doesn’t want him cumming until his actual birthday, so he’ll have to deal with all the edging and the teasing. On his birthday, Elias finally gets to fuck his stepsister. He’s been dreaming about Riley’s pussy, and can’t wait to be deep inside of her. He knows it’s wrong, but he doesn’t give a fuck, as he’s been craving her more and more. For a virgin, Elias fucks like a pro, pushing himself deep inside of his stepsister, making her squeal with delight. When Elias can’t hold his load in any longer, he busts hard inside of her, painting Riley’s insides with a sticky mess of birthday cum.

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