Knocked Up and Down To Fuck

Knocked Up and Down To Fuck

Jane Wilde

An Exclusive Sis Loves Me Jane Wilde Scene

Jane is pregnant and needs help from her stepbrother, Nick. But Nick isn’t going to just help Jane and get nothing in return. He’s looking to get his cock sucked, and if Jane wants his help, he wants to bust a big load in her mouth. Jane is so disgusted - she can’t believe her stepbrother would ask her to do something like that. Yet the thought turns her on. She can’t let Nick know, though. She didn’t know her stepbrother was such a perv and didn’t know he felt that way about her. She gets on her knees and blows Nick, fitting his cock far down her throat. It’s the biggest dick she’s ever sucked, and though she knows she shouldn’t be blowing her stepbro, she can’t help but feel a little turned on by the situation. Nick busts a big load, and Jane swallows every drop. Later, Nick wants to take it a step further and stick the tip of his cock into her pussy. Jane is taken aback again, finding it incredulous that Nick hasn’t had his fill. She folds and lets her stepbrother put the head of his cock into her pussy. Though soon, both Nick and Jane want to fuck. Nick slips his cock in all the way and fucks Jane hard. He’s been wanting to fuck his stepsis for a while, and her pussy is incredible. He fits his shaft far inside of her, holding nothing back and pummeling her pussy with everything he’s got. Nick cums inside of his stepsis, filling her up with a big creamy load. Soon, Nick’s cock is all Jane can think about. She doesn’t want to get into the habit of getting fucked by her stepbrother regularly, but she can’t help but desire his big dick. They fuck again, and this time, she goes all in. The sweet babe rides her stepbrother’s cock. She looks immaculate with her perfect itty bitty titties bouncing up and down. The stepsiblings fuck passionately until Nick busts inside of his stepsister again!

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