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You Have My Support

Carolina Sweets

An Exclusive Sis Loves Me Carolina Sweets Scene

Carolina needs help landing her first-ever job as a lifeguard. Austin only puts in recommendations for the babes who he’s fucking, which means his stepsis is not a contender. But Carolina doesn’t think this is the case, and if it’s the attention he wants, it’s attention she’ll give him. She starts with a lap dance and gets Austin nice and hard. Soon, all Austin fantasizes about is messing around with his stepsis. He gets his chance shortly after when Carolina runs late on her first day. She still needs to show how grateful she is to Austin for helping her land the job in the first place. She gets on her knees and crawls to his already hard cock. Carolina is about to blow her stepbrother’s mind by giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had. Austin can’t believe he has his stepsister’s lips wrapped around his cock, but it’s a sensation he’s been craving ever since the lap dance. He busts hard, and she swallows down every last drop. Their fun really begins when Carolina and Austin start fucking. He’s been jealous of how she flirts with guys at work - Austin wants his stepsister all to himself, and he wants to be the one giving her the dick down. Carolina has been horny for her stepbrother, too, so this is the perfect chance to take their relationship all the way. Her pussy is perfect, and it’s like it was made for Austin’s cock. He slides in easily, as Carolina is already wet with desire. Her tits look immaculate as Austin fucks Carolina, and he can’t help but feel like he’s about to cum right away. But he persists and holds on, wanting to show Carolina how badly he wants her. When he can’t hold on any longer, Austin cums in his stepsister’s mouth, his cum painted around her beautiful lips.

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